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こだわり / Quality-conscious

Rakuzen is very proud of our commitment to high-quality.

Commitment 1: Rice

We are importing rice from Japan. Actually, it doesn’t sound so unusual, and many Japanese restaurants in Singapore are importing rice from Japan as well, but Rakuzen is different. We have gotten one farm house which grows one of the best Japanese rice brand “Akitakomachi” in Akita prefecture, northern part of Japan. The farm house is the only one who provides rice to Rakuzen, and the rice is unmilled when it is transported from Japan to Singapore. We mill the rice every day in our kitchen as much as we cook for a day. Also, the rice is cooked for each lunch and dinner time so that you can enjoy the very freshly cooked rice anytime. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must be shocked how different it is from the one you normally have.

Commitment 2: Fish

You can enjoy Air-flown fish from Japan at many restaurants in Singapore, and some of them are even importing fish several times a week. However, Rakuzen didn’t think it was fresh enough, and decided to transport it in a different way. We use the special patented method, and make fish sleep while they travel from Japan to Singapore! So the freshness of our fish is guaranteed when it is served at your table.